Machine Head - The Powerstation 2018

"Is there anybody out there?" - front man Robb Flynn screams out as the band launches into the 2016 album-less single, and by the sound of the surrounding crowd - there most certainly was - main no short measure of letting Machine Head aware of the fact.

Starting at 8pm, Machine Head filled the following 3 hours with nothing but intense, thunderous, epic metal spanning their 27 year career.

With the mixed, lukewarm reception of the bands latest release Catharsis - I was curious how much material from the album would feature amongst their extensive back catalogue of "MUST PLAY" songs - so including 4 songs was more than acceptable, altho swapping out Triple Beam for any other track would have been preferable - whilst I don't think Catharsis is the bands best work, with elements harkening back to Supercharger/The Burning Red era nu-metal, the album still remains one of my top played of the year.

Amongst the relentless metal we were treated to the now customary drum, and guitar solo slots and whilst both Phil Demmel (guitars) and Dave McClain (drums) offered impressive, proficient solos (complete with a cowbell) I found them lacking something and used the time to refresh a cup, and await the next song.

26 songs, 3 hours, pure (&#)()# metal - say what you will about Catharsis as an album, but don't let that turn you away from catching Machine Head on the rest of this tour - this show is intense, and unrelenting from start to finish - except for those solos and a heart wrenching rendition of Darkness Within.

From an "angry white dude" to a bunch of "angry white dudes" on stage - I salute you!

Set List:

  1. Imperium

  2. Volatile

  3. Now We Die

  4. Beautiful Mourning

  5. The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears

  6. Crashing Around You

  7. Guitar Solo

  8. Darkness Within

  9. Catharsis

  10. From This Day

  11. Ten Ton Hammer

  12. Is There Anybody Out There?

  13. Locust

  14. Beyond the Pale

  15. Drum Solo

  16. Bulldozer

  17. Killers & Kings

  18. Davidian

  19. Descend the Shades of Night

  20. None but My Own

  21. Triple Beam

  22. (Partial) cover of Alice in Chains "Would"

  23. Aesthetics of Hate

  24. Game Over

  25. Blood for blood. 

  26. Halo