High On Fire

Tuesday February 23rd, 2016 - King's Arms, Auckland

It’s been a long 5 years since High On Fire last hit these kiwi shores and two lasting memories from their 2011 show with The Melvins are VOLUME, and PAIN - and watching the sound guys feverishly working to rewire devices and combat power issues moments before the show started I mentally started bracing myself for the body crushing that was to come.

During that show I mostly hung back 4-5 rows but tonight I was also shooting the gig so it was front row for me, knowing there would be near zero chance of moving around during the show ( at least, not by my own volition ) I camped dead centre giving me a favourable angle for shots, unfortunately this also turned out to an apex point for a insane circle pit that broke out during nearly every song.

After 5-6 songs I made my escape from the pit to enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the rest of the show from the sidelines - was it fear for my gear? Partially. Was it fear for my health? Certainly - there’s only so many elbows to the ribs and lower back that an older body can handle - and probably one of the only times I was glad to being a “larger guy”.

But back to High On Fire - with the power issues all sorted band delivered a crushing 12 song set covering their entire catalogue but focusing very much on 2015’s “Luminiferous” the band did not disappoint - instead delivering a soul crushing, body bruising, ear bleeding night of mayhem.

  • The Black Plot ( Luminiferous )
  • Rumours of War ( Death Is This Communion )
  • Carcosa  ( Luminiferous )
  • Death Is This Communion ( Death Is This Communion )
  • Luminiferous  ( Luminiferous )
  • The Falconist  ( Luminiferous )
  • Cometh Down Hessian ( Blessed Black Wings )
  • The Sunless Years  ( Luminiferous )
  • The Dark Side of the Compass  ( Luminiferous )
  • 10,000 Years ( The Art of Self Defense )
  • Slave The Hive  ( Luminiferous )
  • Fertile Green ( De Vermis Mysteriis )
  • Snakes For The Divine ( Snakes For The Divine )

Review reprinted from Libel Music.