Mothra "Splinter" Single Release Gig

The Kings Arms, 23 November 2015.

Reprinted from Libel Music: Mothra With Photos.

It was a cold and wet Friday night for the long awaited release gig for Mothra's new limited edition 7" release of Splinter from the forthcoming album. There was some hesitation the weather would keep people away but no - over the course of the evening the Kings Arms filled out to keep everyone warm and the sound free of bleeding everywhere.

Proton Beast opened the evening with a chaotic industrial toned sludge set of songs that set the scene for the evening to come. Quite surprisingly, Proton Beast are one of the only bands I've witnessed starting to pack down their drumkit during their set - or at least dismantling it enough to perform some seriously ungodly musical feats on stage.

Following up on Proton Beast, Shepherds of Cassini took to the stage and whilst I shouldn't have been, I was pleasently surprised by Felix Lun taking the stage with a violin. This was the first time I'd managed to see them live and this fact was tucked deep in recesses of my mind, so it was pure joy to see and hear violin and metal mixed!

Mothra took the stage with little to no stage lighting, keeping the band hidden in the shadows of a video screen background showing scenes from Mothra related films - the photographer in me took the challenge of light and just surrended myself to the music - a beautilfully monstrous flurry of fuzzed out post rock. Mothra return to the Kings Arms stage on December 10 opening for Japan's Mono so be sure to head along and check out both incredible bands.

Closing the night was the rather eclectic Mice on Stilts - this was the second time seeing them live, the first opening for Anathema in October. Back then it was a subdued acoustic set, but now - I was witnessing the band in their natural sound.

Reminding me somewhat of The Dear Hunter, the Mice present an intriguing selection of songs combining guitar/violin/saxophone/trumpet all mashed up in a progressive rock extravaganza, , all whilst members switch and swap instruments at ease mid song to deliver a show that's just as enjoyable to watch as it was to listen to.