Invoking The Fury

Earlier in the week I was alerted to a gig by local metal band Invoke The Fury - unfortunately the domain name listed on the Facebook page doesn't currently resolve to a website yet, so I took it on faith that they would be good (even picking up the CD unheard - I trust my musically minded friends) and by the gods - fury was well invoked.


Opening up the evening was hardcore/deathcore band Wellesley - so named for the road they live on, with their first gig with a new vocalist Matt Englebretsen - a thoroughly enjoyable set from a young band.

A selection of (low-fi) demo tracks can be streamed from their Soundcloud page.

Horrendous Disfigurement

Second up to the plate was brutal/technical death outfit Horrendous Disfigurement whose 2011 demo EP can be downloaded via MediaFire. If you like your music brutal and gory - look no further than these guys - and turn up the amps!

My only quibble with this horrendous display ( one which I find often with such technical metal bands ) is the often lack of movement of the bassists - whose concentration is clearly on performance at hand.

Invoke The Fury

Last up for the night were headliners Invoke The Fury - bringing forth a combination of thrash/death with elements of Lamb of God and Slayer along with their own metallic onslaught - and the stage presence of a well oiled machine. Vocalist/guitarist Shane O'Dowd sure brings out the evil overlord frontman to match his deathly growls.

A 13 track album "Den of Iniquity", recorded/released in 2014 is available from the band, but as yet appears to not be available from any online source - which is a shame as this album should be heard by more than just locals.