Drink from the Chalice of Blood

It seems rather fitting to me to relaunch the newest incarnation of Chalice of Blood whilst down in Napier, New Zealand - my home town and where the original Chalice of Blood BBS (~1991-1996) ran before becoming a music journal/photo site from 1996-2002 (in a time predating RSS, Facebook, and even Google) focussing mainly on the local Christian hardcore/metal scene in New Zealand, and now - returning under a new domain name to become this new photo/music blog.

Come brethren - partake
Consume the blood
Cast the mind back to that day
When thunder shook the earth
And the veil was rent
Come brother partake
In the sacred remembrance
  — Drink From The Chalice of Blood, Horde (1994)

It was the convergence of musical discovery, open communication with the world via what would become the Internet and Social Media, discussions of faith and teenage angst that lead to using dark religious imagery as the moniker for such online projects.

Mark DerricuttComment